About Us

Littlin is a small, family-owned and operated business committed to providing eco-friendly and affordable cloth diapers and baby essentials.

Behind the Name

With a heavy Irish/Scottish background in our families, we were inspired by a nickname for babies common in those countries.

LITTLIN, n. Also litlin, lit(t)lan, -en; littlean(e), -in, littl'un; luttlin (Sc. 1928 J. G. Horne Lanwart Loon 9). A young child, gen. up to its early school years, an infant (n.Sc., em.Sc.(a) 1961). Also attrib. and fig. Rarely of animals. Dim. little(a)nie (Abd. 1875 W. Alexander My Ain Folk 67; ne.Sc. 1961).[′lɪtlən] [As defined by DSL]

Our Story

Our geeky family started using modern cloth diapers with the birth of our youngest family member. Though our parents used cloth diapers, we were all surprised by how much cloth diapers have improved over the years and how much easier cloth diapering was than what we were lead to believe. With so many different types of cloth available, we quickly found what we thought worked best while also recognizing that everyone had different needs. We wanted to bring products to market that were of true quality while being adorable. In addition, our passion for our society, our communities, environment, and youth, led us to be determined to say more with fluff.

Why Cloth?

There are many reasons to choose cloth diapering for your family. While everyone's needs and reasons are different, the basics are the same. (We welcome you to do your own research!)

Cloth saves you money. Even if you are buying high-end pricey cloth diapers, it's going to save money over the course of diapering, especially if you have more than one child. Factoring the costs of laundering, families can save big. With babies getting close to 600,000 diaper changes before they're potty-trained, that's a lot of savings. Combine cloth diapers with cloth wipes for even more savings.

Cloth is healthier. Disposable diapers are loaded with chemicals. That absorbent material is not natural. Cloth is breathable and soft against your baby's skin, and often results in far fewer diaper rashes. Feel the two - which would you rather have against your bottom?

Cloth holds the load. Every parent is familiar with a baby diaper blow out! Blowouts in cloth diapers are almost unheard of! When you are already washing soiled baby clothes, why not wash the diapers instead?

Cloth is sooo cute! With all the adorable designs for those fluff butts, we just love cloth!

We are committed to providing quality products for your own Littlins.

To all of you, from all of us at Littlin - Thank you for choosing Littlin for your family!

The Littlin Family
Founded in 2016

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